Bryan M. Larkin
Chief of Police

On behalf of all members of the Waterloo Regional Police Service, thank you for taking the time to look back at 2015 with us as we share our Annual Report to the community. We are pleased to offer a variety of information through this site and to highlight our many successes, ongoing projects, and statistics on crime, road safety, and use of force.  Also found in this reports is a review of the past year's awareness initiatives and events.  

Our organization made significant progress in 2015 and developed strategies to improve some of our internal and external business practices. We prepared to implement a new patrol shift schedule, realigned our zone boundaries, and began a review of our Investigative areas.  We also launched an aggressive new Strategic Business Plan which offers hundreds of performance indicators through its themes of; Human Resources, Information Technology, Corporate Communications, Finance and Physical Assets, Neighbourhood Policing and Road Safety, Investigations and Youth, and the Office of the Chief of Police.

‚ÄčAlong with our business planning process, the annual report provides us with an opportunity to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of the past while building a framework for the future. As we move forward as an organization and as a community, it is important to acknowledge these milestones  in order to appreciate the history, contributions, and successes of our organization and its members.  

As you review the content of this report, I invite you to consider how small daily and individual efforts impact the bigger picture and create a better future. We are truly, 'People helping people'.  

Best Regards,