The Waterloo Regional Police Service is made up of 1, 200 dedicated members who - officer or civilian - work together to keep our community safe.   Waterloo Region, with a population of 575,000 people, offers diverse and unique communities throughout its three cities and four townships, of which our members are proud to serve. 

Our members are skilled, trained, and willing to handle any situation that may arise in the interest of assisting or protecting the Waterloo Region community. Each member provides their own knowledge, experiences and background to the job and are committed to serving the residents of Waterloo Region. 

Our operational service delivery to the community is directed by Chief of Police, Bryan Larkin with the support of the Deputy Chief of Operations, Kevin Thaler, and a Deputy Chief of Systems and Innovation, Kevin Chalk.  Under their leadership the Service launched the 2015-2017 Strategic Business Plan which aims to strengthening public safety and quality of life by working in partnership with the community in crime prevention, law enforcement, and providing assistance to all those who need our help.

Often giving back to the people we serve, police members take pride in what they do and can often be found representing the Service both on and off the job as volunteers, mentors and role models.